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SEO software

SEO software is an online platform that helps you monitor, organize, and analyze data relating to your website’s performance in search engines. This data can include everything from keyword rankings and trends to backlinks and even website speed. The result is a snapshot of how your website is performing in search engines for your top-priority key phrases, and opportunities for improvement. That depends on the software.

SEO software solutions free you from monotonous keyword research and with quicker and more accurate results. As a result of its details, you can focus more on high-level planning like content marketing strategies around your chosen keywords.

Types of SEO software and how they work

Keyword tool: Keyword tool is the core function of most SEO software solutions, which lets you dig up millions of keywords sets for organic search with just a click. Some solutions focus on long-tail keywords, which have a higher ROI value. This app is often designed for PPC bidding but is widely used to identify the hottest keywords and discover untapped phrases. The app churns out metrics like CPC, monthly search volume and historical trend. Many keyword tools are free.
(Examples: Keyword.io, Google AdWords Keyword Planner)

Ranking tool: This app mainly tracks your search result rankings for each targeted keyword phrase. It’s valuable to identify what works and doesn’t, allowing you to focus your resources on high-value keywords.
(Example: SEMrush)

Website audit: It crawls your website for SEO issues and suggests ways to resolve them. The app may analyze both content and technical SEO elements, such as wrong meta descriptions, missing keywords, broken links, duplicate copies and on-page SEO gaps.
(Example: Deep Crawl)

Content SEO tool: This type focuses on your website content and optimizes it for search ranking. It suggests keywords and topics that align with your site’s niche.
(Example: MOZ Local)

Technical SEO tool: This type focuses more on the technical structure of your website vs content. These include image compression, HTML compression and Java scripting rendering. Meta descriptions, links, and status codes are also assessed and improvements are suggested.
(Examples: HTML Compressor, Prerender.io, Tiny PNG)

Copy audit: Duplicate copies are penalized by search engines; hence, this app scours your pages for plagiarized copy. The level of plagiarism is also indicated for more in-depth analysis. The process works vice-versa also: other sites are tracked for copies that are appropriated from you. A parallel feature may be offered: copy readability, which is also a major Google ranking factor. This tool analyzes your articles for clarity and readability, but, note, it cannot accurately judge literary styles, so take the readability score with a grain of salt.
(Example: Copy scape, Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, Clarity Grader)

AMP testing: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is initiated by Google and Twitter to load mobile pages fast by stripping down HTML. The SEO app tests your AMP pages and spots potential issues.
(Example: AMP Validator)

Outreach SEO: If you have a serious link-building strategy, you need this type of app. It lets you add to a database the profiles of bloggers, websites and social media influencers and sort prospects by importance for link exchange. Factors for scoring include social followers, inbound links and citations. The app also crawls the internet for the prospects’ contact details and adds these in the database. It’s a huge time-saving tool for outreach marketing allowing a single person to do what a team of researchers can achieve manually in one week.
(Example: Buzz stream)

Features of SEO software

Keyword research: It is often a free tool and the main feature of an app. You enter a keyword phrase and the tool displays the monthly search volume, average CPC, competition, and other secondary metrics. Likewise, it shows related keyword sets with their respective metrics, too. A solution also provides structured keyword suggestions to help you align your keyword entry along actual set of words used by people in searches. A graph may also be shown to indicate the month-to-month behavior of the keyword phrase, giving you a heads-up on its viability to get traffic.

SEO content authoring: A plugin may be available to help you insert keywords at the right places in your article. The plugin connects to your publishing platform (ex. WordPress) and suggests keywords as you write. It may also suggest related topics to your current article for more SEO opportunities. This tool makes sure your website or blog is keyword optimized and is also useful for blog posts and landing pages.

Competition analysis: It analyzes the inbound links of your competitors’. Alexa ranking and Google PageRank are usually integrated.

Website audit: Your website is analyzed for inbound links, page rankings, and SEO opportunities. Likewise, the solution may have a link management feature that lets you consolidate your link partners in one place for easier monitoring.

Change tracking: Any change in SEO metrics, a drop or increase, is tracked and reported at once. Metrics include country and global website ranking, keyword rankings, page views, backlinks, traffic, returning visitors and bounce rate.

Search engine submission: This feature may be included where the vendor submits your newly launched websites to Google and other important search engines for indexing. Once indexed, your websites are now open to crawling by the search engines’ spiders, bots that rate the site for ranking.

ReportingIt generates summaries on your SEO strategies. It may include search ranking status per keyword set, CPC and comparison stats versus competitor’s sites. Reports are usually generated in graphics to help you grasp the insights fast. For agencies, visual reports are an intuitive way to show clients their campaign achievement. Some reports even allow historical ranking data for long-term SEO project assessment.



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