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Does My Business Need SEO?

Yes, Investing in SEO is a great decision for your company. Search engine optimization allows you to improve traffic without having to pay for each click. When you run PPC advertising, you'll be charged for every click that comes through that channel to your website. This traffic, on the other hand, is virtually free if your website ranks organically in the search engines. Of course, ranking a website on the SERPs necessitates an investment in expertise and resources. If you can get your website to the top of the search engines, you'll get a steady stream of traffic that won't cost you anything to click on and won't stop even if the advertising is turned off. If you rank organically, you'll have visibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Can I Find the Keywords That People Are Searching For?

You can't get into an SEO plan without knowing what you're doing. To optimize your site for these terms, you need to know what people are searching for on Google to locate businesses like yours.

This can be done with Google's Keyword Planner. Start the tool and type in a term you believe consumers would use to find your company online. After that, you'll be presented with several related keyword recommendations, along with their monthly search volume.

Why isn't my website on Google's first page?

There are several reasons why your website may not be ranking on Google. But first, go to Google and run a site search for your business. You'll know your site is indexed if you see your web pages listed. Your site is young and hasn't built up enough authority to rank for competitive search queries, your content doesn't fit the searcher's intent, or your content lacks in-depth research or quality compared to the pages that rank for the queries you're looking for at.

If none of your website's pages are mentioned, this indicates that it has not been indexed. Your website prevents search engines from crawling it or tells them not to index it, your site launched recently (within a few days) and you haven't submitted it to Google or linked to it from elsewhere, or your site has received a sitewide manual penalty for breaching Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

What Is a Google Penalty?

You may have heard that websites that breach Google's webmaster rules face penalties. Manual action penalties and algorithmic penalties are the two forms of penalties (adjustments). Algorithmic penalties (or modifications) aren't technically penalties. They're the outcome of a site's rankings shifting as a result of an algorithm (such as the Panda and Penguin algorithms) filtering a site for possible tampering. "Google Penalties are manual acts, which means they are carried out by humans. When a site earns a penalty, it is the result of an actual person assessing the case for Google." "On the other hand, algorithmic filtering is a fully automated aspect of Google's ranking algorithm.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

The days of building a website, optimizing title tags, and ranking in a few weeks are long gone. You can't expect a website to rank for competitive search queries the moment it goes live. Google ranks relevant sites that have built up authority over time, thus it takes time for a website to perform organically. You must earn your way to the top of Google and prove that you are deserving of that position. As a general answer, we can say the time is somewhere between 6 months and one year. But it depends and based on very much based on the level of resources you allocate to your strategy, the level of competition, and what others who compete for the same queries are doing.

Why Has My Organic Traffic Dropped?

You must establish whether organic traffic to your website has decreased suddenly or steadily over time. If it has happened suddenly, check to see if non-index tags were added by mistake to your website. This can happen when developers neglect to remove these when moving a site from a test environment to a live environment. These will lead your website to be de-indexed if they are left in place. Check Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility if you're using WordPress. This box should be left unticked. If it has happened gradually, Google may have implemented a major algorithm change that has resulted in other sites gaining traffic and ranking higher than yours. "There's nothing wrong with pages that may run less well with a core update," Google notes. They haven't broken any of our webmaster guidelines, nor have they been exposed to manual or algorithmic action, as can be the case with pages that do. There's nothing in a core update that specifically targets certain pages or sites. Rather, the adjustments are aimed at improving how our systems evaluate content as a whole.

What are the Most Important Ranking Factors of Google?

In 2016, Google revealed that links, content, and Rank Brain are the top three ranking factors. In actuality, optimizing for these characteristics entails producing excellent content that other websites will want to link to, as well as content that Google will recognize as the top result for any given search query. Various ranking factor studies, on the other hand, have looked deeper into Google's algorithm to shed light on the regions that have the most impact on organic performance.

Does Social Media Help to Increase My Website's Rank?

This is a very common misconception among most people. But social media doesn’t affect directly the ranking of a website. Although social media does not directly affect SEO rankings, the links you distribute across social media platforms help to boost brand awareness. Your social media shares have no bearing on your SEO rankings. Even so, more people sharing your material on social media sends social signals that your postings are relevant to your target market. While social media does not directly affect your search engine results, it does have an indirect effect and aids in the development of your brand.

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